Soldier Of The Damned

Here we are slaving in our simple ordinary lives for prosperity doesn’t leap to the unfortunate.
One hand washes itself as the other is begging for mercy, as we are not merely perfect as perfect does not comply with delinquents of conspiracy.

As many have been, our paths lead to death anyway, for why is it so important to reach a top when u are already falling down. Let us hope for a better being as such dreams are often shattered with defenseless minorities. Let us dream of an only reachable ideal where perfection is the disillusion of faint memories. As having that sunset moment standing proud of the achievement at hand, knowing it’s you, you are the soldier of this damned world the one to dare go for that dream the one soldier that didn’t fall at another’s side, you think you made it for u surely are holding the medal, are you not?

As faint as it may sound call me heartless, call me savaging but answer me such a question never dared to be, why for real soldiers who fall at enemy lines even such who crash in no-mans-land, are we truly enough to be soldiers. By some are born with the bag of gold strapped safely to its waist by no means will it ever dry where others are born with no sense of freedom from the working class. Slaves we are and slaves we shall stay for there is no norm to work yourself up to what ladder if there is no ladder to be presented, and not in this country drowning in corruption from its leaders with no leading to give.


By: Nicole J. Clarke


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